Waterside Arts is located in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. It was established in 1991 in Eden Mills, Ontario, Canada, by its director, Elizabeth Cunningham.

Music for Angelique van Berlo.

Waterside Arts designs and builds sculptural and decorative art works such as replicas of 19th century gliders and fanciful flying machines. Hand-painted banners with images of flying creatures from birds to butterflies is another of our specialities. We also weave large tapestries representing birds from all over the world. These pieces have been commissioned by community centres, arts centres, architects and designers.

We also offer exceptional fine arts classes and workshops for people of all ages and art day camps for children. These are held both at the beautiful Waterside Arts Centre in Eden Mills.

Photography is another focus of Waterside Arts. A candid, fresh, and natural look is our specialty. Portraits, portfolios, and nature photography in both black and white or colour are our primary areas of expertise. Clients can come to our lovely location to take advantage of the beautiful setting and even natural light, or we will travel to the location of your choice.

Contact Elizabeth Cunningham at Waterside Arts about any of our programmes or services.



Elizabeth Cunningham has worked for many years as a teacher within the private school system and independently as a music and visual arts specialist in numerous and varied educational situations both public and private. She holds a Master of Expressive Arts Therapy.

She also possesses many other skills in the arts and a demonstrated aptitude for organizational and communication skills.

Click here to download Elizabeth Cunningham's résumé (in pdf format).

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1101 Carbonate Street
Nelson BC Canada
V1L 4R6

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